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Dowsing For your own Water or Find: Pipes, septic tanks, minerals and much more
Water Wanda

They say with these rods most people can easly find water

Some say they can find gold and silver by dousing.  Others use divining rods to look for water, and all sorts of things.  It has been said: divining rods tab the energy of the earth.

       I'm from a small town in Oregon and when I was a child the plumbers used them to find water pipe below the streets. they had so much faith in the rods, they would mark the street where the rods separated and break the concrete. they always found the pipe.

     Well years later a friend of mine a plumber used rods. People laughed at him until they seen him do it time and time again. So I tried the rods and sure enough it worked for me and everyone else, I seen who tried them to find water pipe.

     I try to explain dousing rods by the fact that we use a dissimilar metal so it is bound to react to a ferrous metal. Which is in fact saying they tap the energy of the earth.  But water its self or gold, I can't explain that, and I sure don't claim you can find gold with them. 

    They have been called witching sticks, Diving Rods or Water Wands an some people think they have mystic powers. who knows we know so very little about this old earth and nothing much about supernatural.  Some people say you can find black energies with the rods.  Black energy are suppose to be unhealthy to the human body.  Some even say they have healing powers.

     Some Mortuary's even use divining rods to find unmarked graves.  Well coffins are metal and the very old wooden ones have metal nails in them. I heard that one minister says the sole has the power to let you know where it is. 

     Are they better than mineral locators.  Well I wouldn't think you would get many false readings.  I tried a mineral locator looking for coins one time.  I found I had to adjust it just right then I got all kinds of false readings. 

     I don't say you will be able to find anything with the divining rods.  But I do say, everyone I ever seen try them, worked for them.  It don't seem to take any special powers to be able to use them.

    Made of a alloy metal of bronze that don't rust and has the ability to react.  

    Bronze was in use at least five thousand years ago, and we have good reason to believe that the ancient folk who used it had secrets of their own,  We find quantities of bronze implements in ancient tombs of Egyptians.